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Building History

Puyallup High School
105 7th Street Southwest
Puyallup, WA 98371

The district's first high school classes were held at Central School, the present site of the Karshner Museum building. In 1910, a newly constructed two-story brick building was built at 105 7th Street Southwest and named Puyallup High School for its geographical location. Puyallup High School is located in the Puyallup Valley, west of Meridian Avenue and just north of West Pioneer.

In 1919, a gymnasium and auditorium were added to the original structure. However, a disastrous fire occurred in 1927, which virtually destroyed all the existing buildings. Following the fire, a three-story building was rebuilt along with the addition of a south wing and an entry foyer. In 1935, a large auditorium was added to the building and two east wings were added to the buildings in 1938.

The Gym Building was built in 1958 and a swimming pool was constructed in 1962. The Library-Science Building was also constructed in 1962. It consists of a single-story library wing with a two-story classroom building serving the science program needs. In addition, a
metal shop addition to the original Agriculture Shop Building was completed in 1962. In 1969, a 7,079 square foot Auto Shop Building was constructed on the southeast corner of the existing campus. In 1987, the Pool Building was torn down due to massive rot in the structural members. In 1989, a new Pool Building was constructed, which was attached to the Gym Building.

Several portions of the Puyallup High School campus have been modernized since the early 1970's. The Main Classroom Building was remodeled in 1971. In 1986, the Library-Science Building was modernized and in I 984 the Gym Building was remodeled. The Main Classroom Building was again completely modernized in 1995. The project architect was Burr Lawrence Rising+ Bates of Tacoma, Washington, and the general contractor was Absher Construction Company of Puyallup, Washington. This remodel was a state matched project with local funding coming from the 1991 Bond Issue.

A one-story building addition known as Phase I of the Puyallup High School Master Plan was completed prior to the 2009-2010 school year. The PHS Phase I construction is the last major project part ofthe 2004 Bond Program to be completed. It included relocating the Career and Technical Education classrooms and tennis courts along with the new softball field.

The permanent buildings have a total of 68 classroom spaces, and one (1) gymnasium, one (1) swimming pool, nine (9) special education classrooms and several smaller specialty instructional spaces. In 2012, the buildings had Building Assessment Scores as follows: 71 for the Main Classroom Building, 65 for the Gymnasium & Pool Building, 67 for the Library-Science Building, and 90 for the Career and Technical Education building. Eligibility for state matching funds for modernization or new construction in lieu of modernization will occur as follows: 2025 for the Main Classroom Building, 2009 for the Gymnasium & Pool Building, 2006 for the Library-Science Building and 2039 for the Career and Tech Building.